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22 April 2007 @ 05:35 pm

You must read and comply with all of the community regulations and requirements.

You must read and comply with all of the community regulations and requirements.


Be aware that the squeamish need not apply - by putting in your request, you are agreeing to write whatever request we assign to you. That means if you're assigned pairings or genres that you hate, you still have to write it (and do the best job you can). There is no switching - the mods cannot and will not rearrange the assignments, nor are the members allowed to switch among themselves. 

Also, the main point of flashfics is that they are secret. This means that we don't reveal our recipients, pairings, characters, etc. unless we're beta-ing each others' flashfics. Betas are expected to keep their knowledge of others' work private. Be discreet, and do not press your fellow members to reveal identities. 

Finally, a comment on behavior. Asshats are not welcome here. We encourage constructive criticism, but flames are not permitted. You will get a single warning, and then you will be removed from the community. 

If you are okay with this, read on!


A flashfic is basically a story exchange. Every month, each member writes a complete story for another member. 


1) At some point during the last 15 days of each month, each member will be able to respond to the submission post with his/her request (see below for detailed information on this). You do not have to participate each month, if you don't want to - participation is absolutely voluntary.

2) All the names will go into a hat, and everyone will be assigned someone else's request purely by chance. A mod will e-mail you with your recipient's LJ username and a link to his/her request.

3) You, then, choose one of the pairings or characters from the request, and write a story of at least 1,000 words according to your recipient's wishes. 

4) On the last day of the month, you'll publish your story. See below for how to publish your flashfic.

5) If you are not going to be able to publish your flashfic on the last day of the month (will not have computer/Internet access, etc.) you can e-mail it to either of the mods, and we will publish it in your name.

6) If you are unable to publish your flashfic on the last day of the month because it isn't complete, you have a grace period of five days to finish it. If your fic is not published by 11:59 p.m. on the 5th day of the following month, you will not be included in the next round. 


1) You may publish your flashfic to the community itself, or you may make a post linking to it elsewhere (fanfiction.net, your writing journal, etc.) Wherever you choose to publish it, it must be publicly accessible - not behind a friend-lock or in a members-only community.

2) Wherever you decide to publish your flashfic, you must include in the post to the community the following information:

Written For:
Author's Notes:

3) Your flashfic must be behind a cut tag, spellchecked, and scrutinized for proper grammar and punctuation. You may have your stories beta-ed as long as the beta can be trusted not to reveal what you're writing for the recipient. Remember, part of the fun of this community is the surprise of learning who wrote for you! 


Best Monthly: Once all the stories are published, community members and watchers vote in a screened post for the single best flashfic published each round. Monthly winners will receive a custom-designed banner or icon and first priority over whom they want to write for, a one-time opportunity. In addition, monthly winners can choose who gets to write for them, once again, a one-time opportunity. There is absolutely no voting for yourself! Choose your top three choices with the correct format...

- Best Monthly: Letter of fic (A, B, C, etc.) and respective title and author.
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